Hey everyone,
Recently, I was emailed by  a girl named Sasha. She asked me about my love life. You know, things like, "Do you have a boyfriend?" and "When did you start dating?". To answer those questions on the FAQ page would take too long so I decided to put it here instead. Yes, I do currently have a boyfriend and his name is Ethan. I started dating about two years ago (I was 14) and Ethan asked me out when I was almost 15. We have been dating ever since. I love you Ethan!!!

Also, tomorrow is April Fools day so I decided to write what my pranks are. I am going to do much more than just this but these are the only ones that are going to probably work the way I plan-
1st: I will wake up early and make my mom toast but instead of butter I am going to put peanut butter. Yes, this is a very lame prank but it is going to be kind of funny when she bites into it.
2nd: I am going to short-sheet my sister's bed.
3rd: I am going to short-sheet my parents bed.
Yeah, weird right?

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