Taylor Swift's 100th 'Speak Now' World Tour show is Sunday, March 11th (tomorrow!) at Adelaide Entertainment Centre in Australia. Want to see pictures of some fans? Click here.

Want to read about Taylor Swift's quality time with her brother? Click here.

ACM (Academy of Country Music) Entertainer of the Year voting starts March 19th! Mark your calenders to vote for Taylor!!! Help Taylor bring home another Entertainer of the Year award! If you think you are going to forget, click here to submit your email address for a daily reminder!
Some recent Taylor News:

Taylor Swift wins two Grammy awards for her song 'Mean' which is on her newest CD, Speak Now.
Taylor and her 'two new friends'
Taylor Swift was recently on The Ellen Show with Zac Efron. She and Zac sang a duet. Ellen made fun of them being a 'very cute couple'. Here are two videos from The Ellen Show's YouTube account:
'The Lorax' movie, based on the Dr.Suess book 'The Lorax' is coming to theaters on March 2, 2012. Here is an exclusive trailer for the movie.
ATTENTION HUNGER GAMES FANS: Taylor Swift's music video for 'Safe & Sound', a song by Taylor and featuring the Civil Wars, music video is now out! Here is the music video. Also, for the people who haven't heard of the Hunger Games, which I think is unlikely, I put a trailer for the movie too. :)

Also, I just wanted you to know that I am not trying to be better than MyWinterFirefly because I know she has a Taylor Swift news page on her weebly website. I am just doing this because I want to. No disrespect meant towards MyWinterFirefly, I am a fan of her videos on her YouTube account and weebly website.

Taylor Swift picture from http://taylorswift.com/.
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