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Some people say Taylor doesn't care about other people. Well, you can prove them wrong now. Taylor recently donated $4,000,000 ( £ 2,531,004) for music education! Now that is A LOT!!!
A lot of people have been saying that Taylor and One Direction's Harry Styles are in love. They, however, are saying that they are just friends. What do you think? Comment on this post and tell me!!!

There is a rumor going around that Taylor and Harry Styles (from One Direction) have some sparks between them. To read the full article, click here.
Is it true love? COMMENT WHAT YOU THINK!!!
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Sorry this was such a short news bit. I've been REALLY busy lately.
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Taylor got an invitation to a prom from a boy named Kevin McGuire, who has cancer. She was unable to attend but she promised him that he could be her date to the ACM awards. Before his flight to meet her, he got very sick and was admitted into a hospital and he couldn't go. He watched her win the Entertainer of the Year award while he was with his family.
Taylor Swift is no longer America's Little Country Star. She is now 22 years old and grown up. Don't believe me? Look at the difference between then and now.
                                                              May, 2006 and May, 2011
After Taylor brought home her 2nd EOTY award, she wanted to give all her fans a huge hug!!!
Don't worry Tay! We want to hug you back!!!
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To the right is a video of when Taylor won the ACM awards on April 1st, 2012.  ------------------>
Congrats to TAYLOR SWIFT for winning Entertainer of the Year... again!!! We love you Tay!
Taylor Swift takes home her 2nd Entertainer of the Year award on April 1st at the ACM Awards.
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